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Bilal Alkhaffaf

Bilal Alkhaffaf (pronouced Al-Ka-Faf) is a consultant laparoscopic and upper gastrointestinal surgeon at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – one of the country’s largest specialist upper gastrointestinal centres. He has a specialist interest in advanced minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery and has worked at some of the largest specialist centres in the United Kingdom. Mr Alkhaffaf has further developed his expertise by visiting international surgical centres of excellence in the United States, South Korea and The Netherlands as well as a number of leading organisations within the United Kingdom.

Mr Alkhaffaf prioritises the delivery of excellent medical care for all his patients and believes that this should be achieved through a relationship based on trust, clear communication and an empathetic approach. He specialises in the treatment of oesophageal and gastric cancer, obesity and metabolic disorders, benign oesophageal and gastric disorders, acid reflux, hiatus hernia, achalasia, gallstones and hernias.


Mr Alkhaffaf is active in the field of research and holds the position of ‘Honorary Senior Lecturer’ at the University of Manchester’s Division of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Sciences. His cancer research activities have resulted in his award of a prestigious ‘NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship‘. Mr Alkhaffaf has a particular interest in the way surgical outcomes are reported and is currently working with international experts to make research in gastric cancer treatment more relevant to patients. A more comprehensive overview of his research activities can be found at Research Gate.

Specialist interests

Oesophageal and gastric cancer

Obesity and metabolic disorders

Benign oesophageal and gastric disorders

Acid reflux

Hiatus hernia






What our patients say

I was very impressed the first time I saw him. he took time to explain to me clearly what my problem is and the cause. I had type 2 Achalasia the procedure went well and I only stayed for one day in the hospital I thought given my other medical condition I will stay longer. I didn't encounter any serious problem after being discharged. I'm schedule to have another appointment that is 6 weeks after the operation I had one appointment 2 weeks after the operation. after the procedure the reflux had significantly reduced. I really have confidence in Dr. AlKhaffaf with my health I'm thinking of having another procedure done by him. He had really listened to me before and after the surgery and had answered/addressed all my questions.

— Patient

My husband and I consider the day we found Mr AlKhaffaf on the Internet to have been a very lucky day indeed – an outstanding surgeon who could treat achalasia! From our first meeting, he realised the urgency of my situation and expedited a very speedy treatment plan. Two weeks and two days from the first consultation to operation (Heller's cardiomyotomy, reflux wrap, and hernia repair). The outcome has exceeded all my expectations, and has been life transforming. I see lots of people comment on Mr AlKhaffaf's calm, confident and friendly manner. This is because it is striking and the perfect complement to his exceptional surgical skills.

— Patient
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