Haemorrhoids (or piles) are enlarged blood vessels inside or around the bottom (anus and lower rectum).

How are they caused?

  • Poor diet (lack of fibre intake)
  • Constipation, therefore excessive straining on the toilet
  • Being overweight/obese
  • Regular lifting of heavy objects
  • Persistent vomiting or cough
  • Long periods of sitting down
  • Age – as you get older your body’s supporting tissues get weaker
  • Pregnancy can increase pressure on pelvic blood vessels
  • Family history

What are the symptoms?

  • Redness, soreness and swelling around the back passage
  • Itchy bottom
  • Bleeding or discharge from the anus
  • Lumps hanging down outside of the back passage

Treatment options

  • Rafaelo
  • HALO
  • Banding – a tight elastic band will be placed around your haemorrhoids, cutting off their blood supply. The procedure only takes a few minutes and isn’t painful. The haemorrhoids should then fall off within a week of treatment. 
  • Open haemorrhoidectomy – this involves cutting out the haemorrhoids by gently opening the anus.

What our patients say

We were very pleased to receive first class reassurance, advice, treatment, and aftercare. We would definitely recommend Dr. Campbell to anyone in need of an excellent Doctor. His secretary Sarah was also very helpful and most competent.

— Patient
BMI The Alexandra Hospital

Combining superb expert knowledge , outstanding technical skills (colonoscopic endoscopic mucosal resection), extremely good listening and communication skills with a down to earth practical approach to any difficulties, Dr Willert made me fully very safe and confident in his care. I am very pleased to have been referred to him with my problem.

— Patient
Spire Manchester Hospital