Linx for GORD

The Linx anti-reflux system involves using keyhole surgery to place an elasticated metal band around the lower oesophagus. 

This cutting edge technology allows patients to overcome troublesome acid reflux without having to endure some of the downsides of more traditional acid-reflux fundoplication surgery. It also has the benefit of being reversible. 

Unlike other procedures to treat reflux, LINX is implanted around the outside of the Lower Oesophageal Sphincter (LOS) and requires no alteration to the stomach. It preserves normal physiological function so you can belch or vomit as needed. The titanium beads open and close to let food down, and if it needs to come up, it can.

As with all surgery for acid-reflux, this approach can be used if acid reflux is severe or if patients do not want to take anti-acid medications for the long-term.


What our patients say

We were very pleased to receive first class reassurance, advice, treatment, and aftercare. We would definitely recommend Dr. Campbell to anyone in need of an excellent Doctor. His secretary Sarah was also very helpful and most competent.

— Patient
BMI The Alexandra Hospital

Combining superb expert knowledge , outstanding technical skills (colonoscopic endoscopic mucosal resection), extremely good listening and communication skills with a down to earth practical approach to any difficulties, Dr Willert made me fully very safe and confident in his care. I am very pleased to have been referred to him with my problem.

— Patient
Spire Manchester Hospital